UAE consumer Q&A: Is it legal to sell my drone?

I am considering purchasing an apartment here. Is there a way to find out a list of recently sold comparables?

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I am considering purchasing an apartment here. Is there a way to find out a list of recently sold comparables (like I could in the US)? Since it’s a specific building, the unit will be the same, just a difference in the floor level, perhaps a property registration office will have the actual sale prices of recently sold apartments?

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency has a complete list of transactions for each area in Dubai. However, this list is confidential and not open to the public. If a person wishes to inquire about the sale price of any property, he should have a valid power of attorney from the owner(s) of the specific property to make such an inquiry.

Can my spouse apply for a credit card if they do not have a full-time job? They are working casually and land the occasional contract, but do not work on a permanent basis.

Bank related transactions are governed by the Commercial Transaction Law No 18 of 1993, which may differ from one bank to the other. This becomes increasingly difficult if the person is unemployed as it increases the risk of default on the credit card which results in the decrease of chances for that person to get a credit card. If the spouse is granted a credit card, the other can avail of the supplementary credit card. In all cases, the approval of a credit card is discretionary by the bank.

I have a drone I want to sell. I understand there are restrictions in place now with regards to their use. Am I allowed to sell it?

Law No 7 of 2015, on aviation safety, authorises the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to specify the airspace for general aviation and the rules governing the use of lasers, fireworks, light beams and drones. Selling or buying drones is not illegal in Dubai. However, there are strict regulations pertaining to their use which should be followed to avoid breaking any safety regulations. Flying drones fitted with cameras in residential areas is a punishable offence as per the Federal Criminal Code as such acts breach privacy of people and threaten their lives.

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