Number of pedestrian deaths on Dubai’s roads drops to 13 in four months

Experts say the deaths are as a result of pedestrians’ poor judgment and negligence by motorists.

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DUBAI // Thirteen people have died in run-over accidents in Dubai in the first four months of the year, police said.

The number is a big drop on the same period last year, when there were 49 deaths.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, director of the traffic department, said: “Officers responded to 114 run-over incidents in total, with 13 pedestrians killed and 124 injured.”

Last year from January to April, Dubai Police recorded a higher number of injuries, at 379 in run-over accidents.

A total of 30,818 people were caught jaywalking over the same period this year.

Thomas Edelmann, Road Safety UAE founder, said: “Such deaths were mainly caused by pedestrians’ poor judgment and negligence by motorists who do not give priority to people crossing the road.

“Pedestrians should use the designated crossing points properly, obey any signals at controlled crossings and be vigilant.

“Drivers need to be tolerant and give way to pedestrians when safe to do so at uncontrolled crossings, comply with traffic signals and drive at appropriate speeds.”

Mr Edelmann added that many drivers in the UAE do not stop at pedestrian crossings.

Brig Al Mazrouei said that some people still cross the roads at random junctures, not using pedestrian crossings, and are unaware of the dangers they face when committing a violation like this.

Police have been keeping watch on Dubai’s roads in various campaigns to ensure road safety and pedestrian safety.