Motorists have to pay fines only for car whose licence they are renewing, RTA says

Before drivers had to pay fines for any car in their name when renewing a car's licence but that has been stopped for customer convenience.

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DUBAI // Drivers in Dubai will now be able to renew a vehicle’s registration without having to pay fines levied against other vehicles in their names, the Roads and Transport Authority announced on Wednesday.

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, chief of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said that people will have to pay the fines only for the vehicle whose registration they wish to renew.

“The service of not obliging a customer to pay fines of all vehicles registered in his or her traffic file at the time of renewing vehicle registration aims to save customers’ time and effort,” he said.

“Asking only for payment of fines in respect of the vehicle being renewed offers more flexibility and facilitates the processing of customer transactions.

“The RTA has provided an array of channels for processing customers’ transactions, including the RTA website, self-service kiosks, smart app, RTA offices and customer happiness centres.”