Jobseekers urged not to misuse Dubai’s visit and tourism visa after hundreds denied entry

Passengers from countries in South Asia were repatriated back after they failed to meet visit visa requirements

Pakistan's consul-general, Ahmed Amjad Ali, speaks with Pakistani citizens who were denied entry into Dubai. Courtesy: Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai 
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Jobseekers from five countries are urged not to misuse Dubai’s visit and tourism visa and to arrive through proper channels to avoid being denied entry into the Emirate.

Hundreds of passengers from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were repatriated back to their home countries after being stopped by Dubai immigration at the airport.

The travellers failed to meet visit visa requirements, such as having sufficient funds, a hotel reservation, a return ticket or the contact details of a relative in Dubai.

Since October 14, 1,374 Pakistanis and about 200 to 250 Indian nationals were denied entry into Dubai.

These were mostly blue-collar workers who were trying to enter the Emirate on a visit visa.

As of Wednesday, 98 Pakistanis and 18 Indians are still waiting at the Dubai International Airport for repatriation.

Travel agents told The National this week that they were notified by Dubai immigration and airlines that nationals from these countries are required to meet visit visa criteria to be allowed in.

This includes showing a minimum of Dh2,000 after arrival.

"We urge Indian nationals that they should abide by the local laws," Neeraj Agarwal, press officer at the Indian consulate in Dubai told The National.

“If they are coming on a visit or tourist visa, they should have sufficient means to pay for their stay in Dubai, including funds and hotel reservation.

“And if they are coming for a purpose other than tourism or a reason stated under the visit visa, [I would say this] is inappropriate. We encourage all of them to come with a proper visa. If they are coming to look for a job, this is not the correct way. They should come through e-Migrate or through the proper channels.”

He said Indians can use the e-Migrate services, an initative by the Indian government that connects jobseekers with employers and helps them in getting an employment visa for the UAE.

The Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai has also urged its citizens to abide by UAE’s laws and use the visa as it is intended.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs confirmed last week that some passengers were denied entry.

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