Hyperloop achieves speeds of 310kph with its latest test

Company tests prototype of passenger pod that will connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes

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Travelling between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in just 12 minutes has moved closer to reality with the latest test of the Hyperloop One transport system.

Speeds of 310 kph were achieved on the second test on an experimental track in the Nevada desert.

The company also deployed a prototype of the passenger pod for the first time, shooting it 500 meters down a tube using magnetic levitation.

Hyperloop One is proposing a fast-transport link for the UAE, and claims it will achieve speeds of around 1,000 kph when fully operational.

For the second test, the company managed to nearly triple the speed of its first run last month and extend the distance travelled by four times.

The experimental track is a tube pressurised to a near vacuum, propelling the pod using electric motors.

The company’s CEO, Rob Lloyd said afterwards "We've proven that our technology works, and we're now ready to enter into discussions with partners, customers and governments around the world about the full commercialization of our Hyperloop technology."

Another American company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), sponsored by Sheikh Falah bin Zayed, is developing a proposal between Al Ain and the capital, with a journey time of nine minutes.

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