Dubai records 24 road accidents during fog

Accidents reported between 6am and 9am on Sunday morning

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At least 24 accidents were reported across Dubai's roads on Sunday, as thick fog blanketed much of the country.

Police dealt with two major accidents and 22 others, described as "minor", over a three-hour period from 6am.

Calls to the emergency number were 30 per cent up on the same period a week earlier, when no fog was reported.

"We experienced an increase in the number of calls received," said Col Turki Abdurrahman bin Fares, director of Dubai Police's Command and Control Centre.

Last Sunday, January 10, the centre received 1,257 calls and recorded 26 traffic accidents, including one described as "major", while this Sunday the force fielded 1,810 calls.

Police halted the movement of trucks and heavy vehicles in Dubai, a typical precaution during fog, to ensure smoother traffic flow and prevent major accidents.

Brig Saif Al Mazroui, director of traffic at Dubai Police, reminded motorists not to use their hazard lights while driving in fog. He advised the use of low-beam lights instead, with clear indications when changing lanes.

“Motorists should keep a safe distance between their cars and other vehicles and need to adjust their speed according to weather conditions,” he said.

“Allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route. Accidents that happen during bad weather conditions that cause low visibility tend to be more severe."