Dubai Police seize 20 vehicles with illegal speed boosters

Cars and bikes modified with power boosters to increase the engine speed

Twenty heavily-modified vehicles were seized in Bur Dubai last weekend.

Dubai Police said the cars and bikes were modified with power boosters to increase their engine speed.

“They cause nuisance and endanger the lives of the drivers and other road users,” said Brig Abdullah Khadem Bin Suroor, director of Bur Dubai Police station.

He said the operation would help to save lives and minimise accidents caused by modified vehicles.

“We aim to control traffic offences, especially those due to modifications made to a vehicle's engine. This can lead to reckless driving and causes disturbance due to the loud noise,” he said.

Brig Suroor said road safety was everyone's responsibility. He urged motorists to avoid modifying their vehicles, warning that it could lead to deadly accidents.