Abu Dhabi road tolls: only days to go until charge is rolled out

Here is everything you need to know ahead of Abu Dhabi's introduction of road tolls

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Motorists entering Abu Dhabi island from October 15 will be faced with new road tolls. Here's what drivers need to know with just ten days to go.

What are the new road charges?

The new tolls are a cashless system similar to the Salik system in Dubai, in which drivers are charged every time they travel through a designated point.

Where are the gates located?

Four toll gates are located on all bridges to Abu Dhabi island - Saadiyat, Maqta, Mussaffah and Sheikh Khalifa bridges.

How much do they cost? 

Drivers will be charged Dh4 during peak periods – 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm, Saturday to Thursday. A Dh2 off-peak fee applies outside these times, as well as on Fridays and public holidays. There is some good news for frequent users as maximum daily charges are capped at Dh16.

How do I pay the tolls?

Drivers with vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi before October 15 will be automatically registered without any charges. Users will receive a text message on their mobile with the account details. Any vehicle registered in Abu Dhabi after that date must be registered by the motorist who pays a charge of Dh100 - Dh50 fee and Dh50 to be credited to the account. Non-Abu Dhabi motorists must also pay a Dh100 charge to register.

What if I pass through a gate without credit? 

You must pay within five working days, and if you do not pay, you will receive a notice of a fine. Vehicles registered within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi do not have to have credit in their account and can pay at time of renewal of the vehicle. Vehicles from other emirates must be registered in order to avoid violations.

How do I register in the toll system? 

Users must log onto this website and have their Emirates ID number and licence plate details to hand. They they can use their debit or credit cards to pay the tolls. But some have said they experienced difficulties registering online.

Why are the tolls being introduced?

Transport chiefs believe the move will cut congestion by six per cent during peak times and spur people to use public transport. It is also hoped to encourage people to carpooling and alternative modes of transport that are better for the environment.

Are any vehicles exempt? 

Some vehicles are exempt such as ambulances, buses, motorbikes, taxis and electric vehicles for two years from October 18.

Where can I find out more? 

Visit the Department of Transport website or call 80088888