Abu Dhabi brings in short-term Mawaqif public parking permits

Cheaper alternative for people who regularly pay for all-day standard parking

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., July 11, 2018.  Stock photos of transportation - public buses, bus waiting sheds, taxis, passengers, bus ticket machines, mawaqif.  ---Mawaqif pay parking machine in front og the AUH Bus Terminal.
Victor Besa / The National
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Motorists in Abu Dhabi can now buy short-term parking permits, offering people who routinely pay up to Dh15 for all-day parking a cheaper alternative.

Drivers and companies can purchase one-month, three-month, six-month or 12-month permits, which can be used in standard parking spaces marked with black and blue paint that typically cost Dh2 an hour or Dh15 for the full day (8am to midnight).

The permits cannot be used in residence parking areas, villa areas or premium parking spaces marked with white and blue paint.

The Integrated Transport Centre said the service would be offered across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

"With this permit, customers who regularly use public parking spaces will be able to use them without the need of daily payment," the centre said.

Fees for a monthly permit cost Dh391, a three-month permit costs Dh1,174, the six-month permit is Dh2,348 and Dh4,695 will buy a full year permit.

The limited-term permit does not replace resident parking permits, the centre said, only the daily parking ticket for standard parking.

"The limited-term parking permit does not allow the user to reserve a parking space, use reserved parking spaces or park in prohibited areas," the centre said.

The permit is issued online and motorists are not obliged to place it in the car windscreen for Mawaqif attendants to see.

If a permit holder is travelling, they should submit a "storing vehicle request" to have their car placed in a dedicated parking spot to avoid it being considered an abandoned vehicle and towed away.

Permit applications can be made online using an Emirates ID and vehicle registration card.