Abu Dhabi cyclists told to obey road rules amid helmet warning

People renting a bicycle or e-scooter must have their own helmet

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Cyclists must wear a helmet, give way to pedestrians and obey the rules of the road, Abu Dhabi authorities have said.

Officials said a bicycle or e-scooter should have only one rider. People have been found carrying children on e-scooters, which is against traffic rules.

Riders should use side roads In the absence of a proper cycle path.

"Cyclists and users of micromobility devices can only use the lanes and roads intended for bicycles, and in case there are none in the area they wish to cycle, they must use side roads where the speed limit is usually 20 kilometres per hour," the city's Integrated Transport Centre said.

"And they must stay on the far right-hand side of the road or sidewalks and pavements dedicated to the use of bicycles.

"Only one rider can ride a bicycle, scooter, or electric bike, using the lanes dedicated to bicycles. Protective helmets must be worn at all times, as well as reflective clothing at night."

The transport authority said rental companies must inform riders that they cannot block roads, paths or building entrances.

Like many countries, the Emirates has seen a boom in cycling since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

New cycle paths, low-cost rentals and renewed interest in ownership have led to many more people travelling on two wheels.

Officials stressed that the rise in cycling is a good development but that rules must be followed for the safety of all road users.

Cycling rules to follow

- Riders can park their bikes in designated areas and refrain from keeping them where they could impede the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

- Bikes are not to be chained to traffic light posts or street lighting poles.

- Riders must give priority to pedestrians and decrease their speed at intersections and crossroads, while keeping a safe distance with other vehicles and pedestrians.

- It is prohibited for bicycle riders to hold on to any other vehicle or enter in the space of any high or low speed vehicle.

- It is prohibited to travel in the opposite direction of the road.

- All rental devices must be fitted with a monitoring or tracking device (electronic GPS) that is compatible with the approved technical specifications.

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