To live is to be satisfied: sermon

Weekly sermon focuses on the Islamic concept of satisfaction

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ABU DHABI // To fully experience the taste of strong faith and fear of God, one should feel full satisfaction, worshippers will be told today.

Satisfaction - an Islamic concept that encourages Muslims to accept God's orders and destiny while working hard to achieve the best in life and take all necessary measures - is the focus of today's sermon.

"Satisfaction is a great branch of faith. For one to believe that what God chose for him is the best," the sermon says. It also quotes a hadith by the Prophet Mohammed that says: "Accept what God has chosen for you, you will be the richest of all people."

"One who does not feel satisfied cannot live," said Amani Hamzeh, a 23-year-old law student from the Palestinian Territories. "If we are convinced in what Allah ordered us to do and what he chose for us then we can feel satisfaction."

According to Miss Hamzeh, the key to satisfaction is one word "Alhamdulilah", meaning "thanks be to God".

The sermon refers to another hadith by the Prophet Mohammed that says Allah sends a crisis to someone in a blessing that he has, so if they accept it, Allah expands His blessings for them, and thou who does not accept the crisis with patience won't be blessed.