Thirty-seven children killed in Sharjah last year after being run over

In total, there were 223 incidents in Sharjah last year involving children being run over. In the vast majority of cases, young children were accidentally run over by a parent or other relative

SHARJAH // Thirty-seven children were killed last year after being run over by cars.

In total, 223 such accidents took place, said Lt Col Ahmed bin Darwish, director of Sharjah police patrol. In most cases, young children were accidentally run over by parents or other relatives.

“We are urging parents or people reversing their car to cross check road emptiness before reversing to avoid killing an innocent child who is unaware of the danger surrounding them. We want zero accidents occurring this year and the coming years,” said Lt Col bin Darwish.

This month in the emirate, a four-year-old girl was hit by her father’s car after he reversed into her. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. In a separate incident a one-year-old boy was killed when he was accidentally run over by his uncle.

“I have personally witnessed the death of a one-year-old boy who was run over by his aunt mistakenly, leading his mum and dad to fall hysterical,” said Nargis Al Yamahi, a sociologist with Sharjah police. “Guilt surrounds a person who unintentionally runs over another person.”

Lt Col bin Darwish said a number of other accidents occurred last year as a result of pedestrians suddenly crossing roads at unauthorised points, or when people drove under the effects of medicine, alcohol or if they were tired.

“We have found that many pedestrians chose not to walk a few steps towards a safe pedestrian crossing and choose to cross from unauthorised areas, endangering their lives,” he said.

“We have conducted a campaign – Safety of Pedestrians is our Mission – and we have distributed awareness pamphlets to pedestrians to warn them from random crossing.”

Published: January 19, 2014 04:00 AM