The UAE visa amnesty – all you need to know

The three-month visa amnesty in full

Illegal residents in the UAE will be able to leave the country without a fine or entry ban under a three-month amnesty that will start on August 1. Andrew Parsons / The National
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Illegal residents in the UAE will be able to leave the country without a fine under a three-month amnesty due to start on August 1. Here, The National breaks down how the offer works.

Who can apply for the amnesty?

Anyone who has overstayed their work visas or residency permits.

What is the duration of the amnesty?

Three months. It runs from August 1 to October 31.

How can an illegal resident apply for amnesty?

Individuals wishing to take advantage should visit any of the eight immigration centres dedicated to the amnesty, including those in Al Shahama in Abu Dhabi and Al Awir in Dubai.

Will illegal residents be given the choice of staying in the UAE legally?

Yes. Those who wish to alter their status require getting a new visa under a sponsor. Others will be allowed to leave the country with an exit permit without paying fines or facing jail terms.

How long can those opting to alter their visa status stay in the country to look for a job?

A six-month temporary visa will be issued to individuals looking for employment.

Will those who entered the country illegally be given amnesty?

Yes, but they will be instructed to leave the country and banned from returning for two years.

Can individuals with criminal cases against them apply for amnesty?

No. Anyone with criminal cases against them or who have been previously banned from obtaining a visa is not eligible.

Can people with absconding reports apply for the amnesty?

Yes. Immigration authorities will delete any absconding reports and issue an exit permit without a ban.

What documents are required to apply for an exit permit?

Residents need to submit either their original passport or an Emergency Certificate. A valid airline ticket out of the country must also be provided.

Can residents without passports apply for the amnesty?


What is the fee for applying for an exit permit?


What is the fee for modifying residency status?


What is the time period allowed to leave the country after receiving an exit permit?

Those given exit permits are required to leave within 10 days of its issue.

What benefits will the amnesty provide to those from war-torn countries such as Syria or Yemen?

Individuals will be granted a one-year residence visa without restrictions.

Where are the immigration centres dedicated to the amnesty located?

Al Shahama, Ali and and Al Garbia in Abu Dhabi. Al Aweer in Dubai and other immigration offices in other emirates.


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