Temperatures are about to drop as fog and unstable weather are set to return to the UAE

Unstable weather expected to return in the run-up to the seasonal transition later this month

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., January 15, 2018.  A worker walks through  8 a.m. Khalifa City fog.
Victor Besa / The National
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As we edge closer to the transition from winter to summer, excitement over the recent bout of warm weather may have been a little premature – Monday will see the return of unstable conditions, bringing with them a drop in temperatures and the return of fog.

Temperatures had been closing in on 40 degrees in recent days, but cold weather that is also associated sometimes with rain is expected for the rest of the working week. Forecasters said sudden weather changes are normal as we get closer to the seasonal transition and they can last until the end of March.

“Weather can shift suddenly from stable to unstable conditions due to the winter to summer transition, which affects temperatures, wind speed and cloud movement and formation,” said Abdulaziz Al Jabiri from the National Centre of Meteorology.

The transition, he said, usually starts around March 22 and will explain any sudden increase or decrease in temperatures.

Mr Al Jabiri said winds will start to pick up on Monday between 10am and 4pm and may blow dust over exposed areas, while temperatures will start to drop on Tuesday.

“We expect the temperatures to stay high on Monday reaching 39°C in some areas, while the winds could cause blowing dust and poor visibility over exposed areas.

“North-westerly winds are expected to arrive on Tuesday and cause rough seas, raising dust and a 3-4 degree drop in temperature over the western region,” said Mr Al Jabiri.


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“Clouds are forecasted to form over the northern and eastern parts of the country, with a chance of rain over the north.”

Fog is also expected to come back on Wednesday morning over central and northern areas

“The fog will start to form on Tuesday night and will last until Wednesday morning, while temperatures in the northern region will start to drop on Wednesday,” said Mr Al Jabiri.

“We expect the cool weather to last till Thursday.”