'Stunt' driver arrested after ploughing into ditch in Abu Dhabi

Motorists remove plates and drive recklessly, police said

A young driver and two passengers were arrested for removing the plates from their vehicle and driving recklessly. The incident took place in the Baniyas area. They were caught when they crashed the pick-up truck into a ditch. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police
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A driver who removed his plates before tearing around the streets of an Abu Dhabi suburb was caught when he crashed into a ditch.

Abu Dhabi Police said the man was 'stunt driving' his pick-up truck in the Baniyas area.

Officers said he put his life and the lives of others at risk in the process, nearly causing a number of accidents.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Suwaidi, deputy director of Abu Dhabi’s Traffic Department, said that the driver and two passengers were arrested and the car was confiscated.

“This is an unacceptable behaviour and action will be taken against those who break the rules and risk lives,” he said. He said patrols and cameras look out for reckless driving around the clock.

The driver was hit with 23 black points and the vehicle was confiscated for two months.

The officer did not state what age the driver was, but urged parents to be more involved in their children's activities and not allow them to use their cars to drive dangerously.

He added that police will continue efforts to develop road safety awareness programmes aimed at young people.

Last week, Ras Al Khaimah Police said that 69 pupils were caught driving without a licence since the beginning of the school term.

“Traffic awareness starts from home, then school, and then the last stage is the road. Parents must join forces with the traffic police and teach their children how to respect laws and, of course, they must not allow their under-aged sons and daughters to drive without a licence,” said RAK Police chief Ali Abdullah Alwan Al Nuaimi.

“We will study the outcomes of this campaign then set up procedures that will help reduce the number of offences for driving without a licence."


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