Student who set alight delivery driver’s motorbike in road-rage incident is jailed

Emirati ordered the biker to stop and then tossed a match into the petrol tank of his motorcycle, destroying it, a Dubai court heard.

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DUBAI // A student who tossed a lit match into the petrol tank of a motorbike, destroying it, and assaulted its rider as he was angry with the biker’s driving has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Emirati student K H, 21, confessed at Dubai Criminal Court to the charges relating to the incident involving 34-year-old delivery man A M last month.

The courier told prosecutors that he was working in Oud Al Muttainah at 11.30pm when the defendant told him to stop.

“The defendant came to me and grabbed me by my shirt, then he punched me in the face several times before he took my bike keys,” he said.

The delivery man told police that the student demanded all of his money.

“I managed to escape and hid behind a tree.”

The Emirati then opened the fuel tank and threw in a lit match .

“The motorbike burst into flames and the defendant fled,” the delivery man said.

Policeman Y Q, 21, told prosecutors the student was arrested on the day of the incident.

“While questioning him, K H told us the victim was driving in a reckless way, which made him mad,” said the officer, 21.

At Dubai Criminal Court this week, K H was sent to prison and fined Dh3,000.