Star sprinter Allyson Felix puts Special Olympics Abu Dhabi athletes through their paces

The Olympic gold medallist sees 'determination and spirit' in the hearts of young competitors

Allyson Felix warms up with Special Olympic athletes. Courtesy: Seven Media 
Allyson Felix warms up with Special Olympic athletes. Courtesy: Seven Media 

Multiple Olympic medallist Allyson Felix ran along with Special Olympics athletes at the Dubai Police Officers’ Club Stadium.

“Today was all about being unified,” the US track athlete told The National.

Felix has promoted the Special Olympics in the past but this is her first time conducting a training clinic during the World Games, which is taking place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this week .

“We talked about mechanics and other little things,” she said.

Felix, who won 200m gold at London Olympics 2012, said that while the athletes were thrilled to see her, she also takes away something from them.

“You come here thinking you’re going to teach them a few things but then you see their determination, their willingness and their spirit.”

“You leave here just being inspired by their determination,” she said.

Felix also reflected on the atmosphere and the camaraderie felt throughout the event.

“You just take away a different mindset,” she said. “The Special Olympics athletes’ approach to life is just really incredible.”

The former world champion took time to take pictures with the athletes as well as their coaches and parents, sharing smiles and well wishes.

“You can’t help but to be renewed by this,” she said. “It’s been amazing to be a part of.”

Updated: March 17, 2019 05:57 PM


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