Smart watches grab the attention of the young at Gitex Shopper 2013 in Dubai

Young buyers show great interest in smart watches at Gitex Shopper 2013.

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DUBAI // Strong interest is building up among the youth about smart watches on offer with retailers fielding questions about the new variations entering the market.

Schoolchildren, teenagers and professionals crowded around Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 that was on display along with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the Gitex Shopper 2013.

Both launched last month with several technology fans backing the new Note 3 over the smartwatch.

Shoppers checked the touch display that allows users to tap, swipe or press the smartwatch to answer or make calls and read emails.

“The Note 3 is so easy to write on, the S pen makes taking notes simple and there are so many shortcuts so searching becomes fast and you can handle many things at the same time,” said Shahim Fulani, a construction engineer who spent a long time at the display stand with his family looking at the smartphone and smartwatch.

“I expected the watch to look and feel smarter, although it is good to have the touch screen option here instead of pressing buttons for access. But I have yet to decide whether I will go for the bundle and buy both or just the Note 3.”

The smartwatch is an accompaniment to the Note 3 and the watch enables the user answer calls, check emails and includes a pedometer to track how much the wearer has walked daily.

For now, the Samsung gadget available here in black, orange and golden-yellow is only compatible with the two latest Galaxy smartphones.

“I like some applications and the bright colours but I will wait to buy it until it is more compatible and not tied to only two specific devices,” said Rahim Saini, an aircraft engineer.

“I want to also take a good look at the Sony SmartWatch before I make up my mind. The more choice the better for us.”

The Sony SmartWatch 2 and the Pebble e-Paper Watch can be used with any Android smartphone or tablet and are not tied in to specific gadgets.

Sony’s second smartwatch is already available in Europe and will be available in the UAE within the next two weeks, sales people told eager customers at Gitex.

“We do not have the watch on display but we have had numerous enquiries about when it will be available in the UAE,” said a Jumbo salesgirl.

“The response has been very strong.”

Customers said they were keen to check varied features on the smartwatches.

“I think it will be fun to talk to your watch rather than pull out a phone. It would work as a great hands-free device even while on walks or at the gym,” said Shawn Lang, a fitness instructor.