Sheikh Mohammed thanks UAE resident and Dubai Municipality for saving an injured bird

Vice President and Ruler of Dubai said it was a 'beautiful story'

The injured bird rescued by Rola Al Khatib and Dubai Municipality. Courtesy Rola Al Khatib
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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has thanked a UAE resident and Dubai Municipality for rescuing an injured bird that was unable to walk or fly.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai on Friday said Rola Al Khatib and the local authority's good deed was a "beautiful story".

Ms Al Khatib found an injured bird by the sea in Dubai last Monday and alerted the municipality.

They came within half an hour, took the animal in and even sent photographs of the bird in care to Ms Al Khatib.

She posted the story on social media on Tuesday and then Sheikh Mohammed heard of it and thanked them.

"Thank you for your beautiful story," said Sheikh Mohammed. "Thank you to Dubai Municipality ... We ask God to perpetuate his mercy on this good country."

Ms Al Khatib, who is a journalist, thanked Sheikh Mohammed.

"Thank you, Your Highness ... that is why you have become a leader," she said.

She said the story reflects the reality of life in Dubai.

"I was walking on the beach yesterday and I found an injured bird that was unable to walk or fly,"  she said in the original post.

“I called the municipality and told them about the bird and that it needs help. They asked me to send a picture ... to one of the WhatsApp numbers along with the location," said Ms Al Khatib. "In less than half an hour, this bird was saved and they sent me a picture of it to ... assure that it is fine and is being treated.”

Sheikh Mohammed has always been committed to animal welfare. In 2018 he launched the Marmoom Reserve project, which will be the first unfenced desert conservation area in the country when it opens in 2030.