Sharjah Police urge drivers not to fall foul of opportunistic thieves

The force released a dramatic video to raise awareness of the consequences of leaving valuables on show

Leaving valuables in plain sight when parking up your car can act as an open invitation to thieves. Pawan Singh / The National 
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Police in Sharjah have sent out a warning to the public not to leave valuable items in their cars - or risk falling prey to opportunistic thieves.

The force posted a video on social media highlighting the costly consequences of leaving property on show when vehicles are unattended.

The dramatic footage depicts a keen-eyed criminal smashing a car window to claim cash and a phone left in plain sight by a careless motorist.

The video is part of a Sharjah Police awareness campaign called ‘Your valuables your responsibility’, which was launched on Monday and will continue for one month.

Police are aiming to educate drivers preserve their valuable belongings such as wallets, mobile phones, cash, women bags and important documents and avoid leaving them inside their vehicles to prevent car thefts.

Awareness brochures in three different languages, Arabic, English and Urdu, will be distributed to the public as part of the drive, while more awareness videos will be posted on Sharjah police social media accounts during the month.

Police also advised the public to immediately report any suspicious car or people to the authorities by calling 999 and make sure to install proper car warning devices.