Sharjah charity pays off debt for 22 prisoners

Sharjah Charity house donated Dh742,000 to help support the families of those imprisoned for their involvement in financial cases

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Sharjah Charity House donated Dh742,000 towards settling the debt of 22 prisoners from correctional facilities in the emirate.

The donation aims to release the prisoners, who were each sentenced for involvement in various financial cases in the penal and corrective institution of Sharjah Police, and to help support their families overcome dire living conditions, according to the state news agency, Wam.

Lt Col Abdullah Ibrahim, Deputy Director of Punitive and Correctional Establishment at Sharjah Police, met with representatives from Sharjah Charity House, led by Khalid Al Khayyal, chairman of the Board of Trustees, on Monday to accept the donation.

Lt Col Ibrahim thanked Sharjah Charity House for their charitable and humanitarian work, as part of the initiatives of the Year of Giving.

He said the gesture reflected the charity’s significant role in ensuring social protection and empowerment, as well as enhancing solidarity and cohesion among all segments of the society.