Sex attack suspect stabbed by mother of alleged victim

Expatriate girl aged five allegedly raped in her home by maintenance man who is now in hospital with multiple stab wounds

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RAS AL KHAIMAH // A mother repeatedly stabbed a repairman who allegedly sexually assaulted her five-year-old daughter in her home, police said yesterday. The suspect was one of two maintenance men working at the house where the expatriate woman and her family live, said Lt Col A'aref al Kazz, the director of CID at the police station in old RAK city. The accused, a man in his 20s, allegedly raped the five-year-old child while the woman and the other worker went to collect an appliance. Upon their return, it is claimed, the mother seized a knife and stabbed the suspect multiple times. He was transferred to hospital for treatment, but his condition is not yet known.

The sexual assault case has been referred to public prosecution but police did not say whether the mother would be charged or if the family were to receive counselling. "We did all of our procedures and worked as fast as we could because it's a very important case," said Major Marwan al Mansoori, the head of the Public Relations Department at the Ras al Khaimah Police.