Scottish tourist detained in Dubai over 'forged £20 note' is released

Billy Barclay was arrested on arriving in Dubai last month following an incident the previous year

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Lawyers in the UK say they have secured the release of a Scottish man detained while holidaying in Dubai over accusations he tried to exchange a forged £20 note.

The case of Billy Barclay, from Edinburgh, has received publicity in Britain following his arrest on a counterfeiting charge, which he denied.

Mr Barclay, 31, insisted the police had made a mistake when he was arrested at Dubai International Airport on arriving in the UAE with his family in September.

The charges related to a trip to Ras Al Khaimah the previous year, when he tried to exchange £140, but one of the notes turned out to be counterfeit.

Police were called to the exchange centre and Mr Barclay was arrested and questioned, but later released without charge.

His lawyers have said a system error left his case open, and the home decorator was arrested again by police, and had his passport confiscated.

Mr Barclay’s legal team have said he is due to be released immediately, with the matter resolved.

“Authorities telephoned me today to advise that they had arranged for Mr Barclay’s passport to be returned at 20.30 local time this evening,” said Radha Stirling, a UK-based lawyer who is representing Mr Barclay.

“They told me that they would escort him to the airport and make sure he is back in Edinburgh, reunited with his family as soon as possible," Radha Stirling, a UK-based lawyer who is representing Mr Barclay.

“I was also advised that they would pay for his hotel bills.

“I have spoken with Billy and his family who are over the moon, relieved and excited that their ordeal has almost come to an end.  They can breathe again.”

Mr Barclay’s case had won support from Ian Murray, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh, while his family had made several pleas for his release in UK media outlets.