Sacked driver jailed for attempting to kill former boss

Syrian lay in wait for his Jordanian victim in his office car park before trying to strangle him with wire and then stealing his wallet, phone and car.

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DUBAI // A disgruntled driver who tried to kill his 71-year-old former employer after being fired was sentenced to five years in jail on Monday.

Syrian M D, 30, waited in a car park for his employer, Jordanian A K, and then attacked him and tried to strangle him.

In May, M D denied the charge of attempted murder and told Dubai Criminal Court the act was one of self-defence after A K had assaulted him.

Records showed that M D’s employment contract was terminated, after which he had asked for his job back several times.

A K had rejected his requests.

At about 9pm on August 10 last year, M D waited until A K left his office and headed to his car in the building’s car park.

“I fired M D because he was not committed to his job.

“Then he started coming to my office every once in a while requesting financial assistance and to get his old job back,” A K said.

“I was getting into my car when he came with his hands behind his back then demanded I reinstate him immediately, which I refused.”

M D then wrapped a wire around A K’s neck and tried to choke him. But he resisted fiercely, poking his attacker’s eyes and punching him in the face until he managed to escape his grip.

Policeman A M, 37, said M D had followed the victim from his Ajman home to his Dubai office.

“When he failed to strangle him, M D pulled out a sharp metal object from his pocket and attacked the victim, repeating that he wanted to kill A K even if he was sentenced to death for it,” the officer said. He added that A K offered M D Dh2,000 to stop the attack, but he refused.

M D then stole his victim’s two wallets and mobile phone and fled the scene in his Mercedes-Benz.

He then parked the vehicle around the corner and took his own car home.

The defendant changed his clothes at home and put them in a bag along with the metal object and the electrical wire used in the attack. He then threw the bag down a sewer hole.

A medical report stated A K suffered severe injuries to his face, which left him with an 8 per cent permanent disability.

M D will be deported after serving his jail term.