Ras Al Khaimah Police rescue woman stranded in mountains

The air wing force were deployed to find the tourist who had gone on a hike in Wadi Ghalilah

A woman had to be rescued by a helicopter from the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah after she had gotten lost while hiking.

The woman, a tourist, was picked up by the air wing team of Ras Al Khaimah Police, who found her in Wadi Ghalilah.

The popular hiking trail, which has a river running through it, is about 30 minutes drive north of the emirate's city centre.

A missing persons report was filed to the command centre and the specialist team was dispatched to the area she was last seen, police said on Saturday.

The air wing team combed the mountainous region until they found her and gave her first aid before taking the woman back to safety. Police did not say if she was hurt.

Col Tayyer Al Yamahi, head of the air wing department, called on tourists, residents and Emiratis to be careful when hiking in the mountains.

He said people must stick to the marked trails and ideally take a guide.

Rescue missions in the UAE's mountains happen several times a year, particularly when temperatures begin to rise.

Clear skies can offer spectacular views of windswept mountains largely undisturbed by human activity but increasing summer temperatures can also present a significant danger.

Navigating through some areas can also be a challenge, with similar topography making it more difficult for hikers to keep track of their location.