Ramadan 2022 set to begin on April 2, UAE astronomy society says

The holy month is expected to last 30 days

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The Emirates Astronomical Society said on Friday that Ramadan is set to begin on April 2.

Eid Al Fitr and the first of Shawwal will be on May 2.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, chairman of the board of directors of the society, said that the holy month is expected to last 30 days, according to state news agency Wam.

Residents of Khorfakkan will be the first to start fasting due to the city's location. Abu Dhabi residents will begin eight minutes later.

At the start of Ramadan, the dawn call to prayer in Khorfakkan will be at 4:48am. In the capital it is 4:56am, and in Sila and Ghuwaifat it is 5:08am.

Mr Al Jarwan said each day will call for around 13 hours and 46 minutes of fasting.

The precise start of Ramadan will be confirmed closer to the time through the moon-sighting committee.

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Updated: June 06, 2023, 11:32 AM