Population of UAE has soared over nine million, new official figures show

Data shows that there are now three men for every woman living in the country

The population of the UAE has gone over nine million, according to official figures released by the Government.

In a new report, the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority also reveals that there close to three males for every female living in the country.

The figures, which cover to the end of 2016, report a population of 9,121,167 of which 6,298,294 are men and 2,822,873 women.

Previous estimates of the UAE’s population have been based on calculations by the UN’s Population Division although Dubai regularly publishes updates of its own numbers.

In 2008, the official Government website reported a population of 4.8 million, meaning that it has nearly doubled in nine years.

The FCSA says it has been able to use date collected nationally for a calculation that is “of very high accuracy.”

Abdulla Nasser Lootah, Director General, Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, said. “we can now unveil the most up-to-date UAE population for the year 2016. We will be able to update the population number on annual basis.”

Not included in this new calculation are the nationalities of those living in the UAE, nor the percent of the population they represent.

Government officials say that having accurate population data will allow better decisions to be made about the long term planning for the UAE.