Pope Francis arrives at Abu Dhabi Mass in Mercedes Benz 'Popemobile' G-Wagen

After being spotted travelling in a humble Kia Soul, the pontiff has now settled back into his own car

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The Popemobile was flown in to the UAE from the Vatican for Pope Francis's historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula, and he's been spotted riding in it on his way to Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Stadium in order to celebrate a Mass.

It's a specially designed Mercedes Benz G-Wagen that is open to the elements, unlike his predecessors' vehicles of choice, as Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II would ride in a bulletproof box.

The licence plate is SVC 1 or Status Civitatis Vaticanae.

The Italian is Stato della Città del Vaticano and when translated from both languages it means Vatican City.

On Monday, Francis, who has often been praised for his lack of showiness, was spotted arriving at the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi in the humble Kia Soul.

Flick through our photo gallery of that moment here:

It wasn't the first time the pontiff has been seen in a Soul. In August 2014, "the people's pope" was driven in one when travelling around South Korea, and again in 2015 in Uganda.

Francis is also regularly seen in a Hyundai, as well as a Ford Focus and a Fiat Panda.

From horse-drawn carriages to massive lorries and custom-made G-Wagens, papal transport has certainly evolved over the years.