Police sergeant raped tourist in the back of a car, Dubai court hears

A police sergeant raped a tourist in the back of a car after meeting her in a café, a Dubai court has heard.

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DUBAI // A police sergeant raped a tourist in the back of a car after meeting her in a café, a Dubai court heard.

Prosecutors said that in the early hours of February 11 last year, Emirati police officer A M, 19, met 25-year-old Lebanese tourist M K at a café in Sheikh Zayed Road.

A M asked M K to accompany him and friends to another café, but instead he took her to Al Barsha 3 and raped her on the back seat of his car, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

“He told me that his friends want to go to another cafe, so I went with A M in the back seat while two of his friend were in the front,” said the M K.

The car was driven to Al Barsha where the two men in the front got out, leaving A M and M K alone. The woman said she then begged her attacker to take her home.

“He screamed at me and told me to shut up and obey him if I wanted to go home in one piece,” M K said. “He then took my purse and mobile phone and took off my clothes.”

She told prosecutors that A M then raped her.

Afterwards, he got dressed and told M K that his other friend wanted to have sex with her, which she refused.

AM then dropped the victim off near Mall of the Emirates from where she took a taxi home.

In evidence, Emirati officer S N, 28, said during questioning A M met the victim in café and that she told him she would go out with him if he paid her Dh2,500,

“A M agreed and took the victim in his car were they had unprotected sex for an hour.”

The victim threatened A M after he only paid her Dh1,500 and said her he didn’t have the rest of the money.

“She told me that she will call the police and tell them I raped her,” A M told police.

At Dubai Criminal Court, A M requested the judge adjourn the case until a lawyer can be appointed to defend him.

The next hearing is set for April 28.