Police officer hurt after being dragged along road by handcuffed driver, court hears

Emirati officer treated in hospital for leg and arm injuries

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A police officer needed hospital treatment after being dragged along the road for almost 100 metres while trying to handcuff a driver, a court heard.

The Emirati officer was in the process of arresting the man on suspicion of bootlegging when he drove off at a high speed and then crashed into a railing.

When the policeman placed handcuffs on the defendant's left wrist he took off dragging the officer along with him.

The defendant fled the scene after his Mitsubishi Lancer hit the railing. The officer was taken to Rashid Hospital for arm and leg injuries.

A police search team tracked down the suspect, arresting him the same day, with the handcuffs still on his wrist.

Dubai Criminal Court heard police were on patrol in Discovery Gardens, Dubai, on August 6  when suspicions were raised about the Mitsubishi Lancer.

“We saw the car and signalled its driver to stop,” said the Emirati officer.

"When he did, a man in the passenger seat ran out of the car so my colleague and I immediately headed to the driver, with the handcuffs."

The officer said he opened the driver's side door and placed the handcuffs on the man's left wrist but then he drove off.

"I fell to the ground and was dragged for nearly 100 metres before the driver crashed into a railing and then stopped, got of the car and fled."

His fellow officer called the operations room for medical assistance and  back-up, to help catch the suspect.

The car passenger remains at large.

Police found 140 bottles of spirits and cans of beer in the car, which the men intended to sell illegally.

The Indian defendant, 26, was charged with causing injury to a police officer through use of force. He denied this in court but admitted a second charge of bootlegging.

A verdict is expected on October 14.