Police called after dog locked inside car for five days

Neighbours phoned officers after spotting the distressed animal in a black SUV

Police were alerted to the abandoned pet in Sharjah. The National
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Police in Sharjah were called to deal with reports of a dog being kept in a car for more than five days.

Neighbours alerted the authorities after seeing the animal left alone overnight in the vehicle near the corniche last week.

Although the windows of the black SUV were left partially down, witnesses said small dog was distressed.

Neighbours first reported seeing the dog on Wednesday last week. The National
Neighbours first reported seeing the dog on Wednesday last week. The National

The vehicle was reported to the Dubai office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare on Sunday.

“This case is against international animal welfare standards and those of the UAE,” said Dr Susan Aylott, founder of Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi.

“There are regulatory laws in place which specify strict housing, feeding, care and conditions. This can also be considered animal abuse."

On Monday, Sharjah Police confirmed they were aware of the reports and had advised the dog’s owner to remove the animal from the car.

But by late afternoon it was still in the vehicle with no one appearing to be nearby to take care of it.

Recently updated law on animal welfare prohibits owners from abandoning an animal without care for long periods.

If found guilty of causing harm, suffering or discomfort, a pet owner could face up to a year in prison or a Dh200,000 fine.


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