Passengers caught at Dubai Airport with capsules of heroin in their internal organs

They were found with 165 capsules filled with 1.65 kilograms of pure heroin.

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ABU DHABI // Three passengers were caught at Dubai Airport after having swallowed contraband capsules filled with pure heroin.

The smugglers, of Asian nationalities, were caught after the scanner detected strange objects in their abdomen.

They were found with 165 capsules filled with 1.65 kilograms of pure heroin.

One of the smugglers confessed to receiving the narcotics at the departure airport from an Asian country. He then swallowed 80 capsules containing 593 grams of pure heroin.

He said he was supposed to hand over the drugs to another man in exchange for money.

Screenings of the other two, who denied carrying drugs, showed they had 59 capsules containing 802g of heroin and 26 capsules with 250g of heroin in their bowels.

Ali Al Mugahwi, director of airport operations at Dubai Customs, said the department was committed to tightening control over land, sea and air ports.

Mr Al Mugahwi said Customs had a team of qualified national inspectors who kept the community safe from illicit drugs and banned products, especially during the holidays when many tourists arrived.

“Inspectors’ expertise, knowledge of body language and high sense of security kept the smugglers from getting their way,” he said.

“Signs of anxiety and agitation usually appear on the faces of smugglers when inspectors manually search or scan their luggage.

“If the search shows the baggage doesn’t contain any prohibited or restricted items, the passenger is sent to a high-tech screening machine that reveals any items that might be hidden in their intestines.”

Mr Al Mugahwi said the department’s main roles were to protect society from perils of illegal smuggling and to provide procedures for clearing passengers.