'Never, ever look down'

The National tries its hand at walking 228 metres above ground at Abu Dhabi Gate Towers.

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ABU DHABI // When The National took a walk across a net strung 228 metres above ground, the experience was far less alarming than expected.

Our reporter was sent to try out a 1,800 metre-squared net strung across a 30m gap between two of the towers that make up The Gate Towers development.

The key, he said, was avoiding thinking too much about what was happening and never, ever looking down.

Glimpsing the ground 228 metres below was unsettling, but by keeping a level gaze it was possible to walk to the side and then along to the far end.

Everyone who uses the net must wear a harness attached to two safety ropes. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, the safety ropes act as a backup.

The net dipped underfoot with each step, creating an unsteady, swaying motion, but the sensation soon became familiar.

A pause on the stable decking was followed by a stroll back to the entry point, and the walk on air was over.