Naked policewoman arrested in shower with man, Dubai court hears

The Emirati officer was arrested after police received a tip-off that she was having sex with men for money.

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DUBAI // Police officers raided a hotel room to arrest a policewoman who was taking a shower with a man.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard that a tip-off had been received about Emirati officer A S, 30, having sex with men for money.

An investigation was launched and police found that she had booked a hotel room in Dubai Marina.

At about 1am on November 19 the police raided the room to find her and Lebanese man W M, 35, showering together.

She denied having sex with the man and said the pair only drunk some wine with dinner before going to the room to shower.

But evidence collected from the room, as well body examinations, proved that they had had sex that night.

The Lebanese man said: “I met her three months ago at a nightclub, where she was with a number of men and woman, and we exchanged phone numbers. Then we started talking over the phone.

“I knew from her that she was divorced and pursuing her university education while working – but she never told me what work she did.” He said that they first had sex after meeting on Yas Island, after which he went to the United States for three weeks.

“I returned to find that she had also gone away, to the UK. But when she came back we met on November 18 last year in a bar in Jumeirah, where we had lunch and some alcohol then went to a hotel room she had booked and had sex,” he said, adding that no money was exchanged.

The policewoman, however, denied having sex with W M and said that they only sat in the room after they had dinner.

When they went to take a shower they were arrested by police. She said he was too drunk to be able to have sex with her, telling police: “We are in love.”

In court, both denied having consensual sex outside wedlock and consuming alcohol without a licence.

They also told the court that they had got married, and presented a marriage certificate to the presiding judge.

The court still found them guilty and sentenced them to a suspended year in jail for the sex charge and fined them Dh2,000 each on the alcohol consumption charge.

The Lebanese man is to be deported.