More dense fog causes second day of travel disruptions

Further traffic and flight delays hit the UAE as thick fog returns, but the NCM said they did not expect further problems in Abu Dhabi or Dubai over night

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Heavy fog has, once again, caused travel disruptions as it blanketed parts of the UAE on Sunday and Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said visibility was lower than 200 metres in some places, causing traffic and flight delays.

They said there would be fresh to strong winds causing rough seas in the Arabian Gulf throughout Tuesday, and that although there would be further fog on Tuesday night, it would be over interior parts of the country in the south and east.

The NCM said they did not expect further fog in Abu Dhabi or Dubai tonight.

Abu Dhabi International Airport suffered major delays, with flights departing an average of 45 minutes late on Tuesday morning, while at Dubai International Airport flights were departing an average of 33 minutes late; however, by the afternoon, flights schedules had returned to normal.

Despite the travel problems, aerial images of the fog as it washed over Dubai and Abu Dhabi skyscrapers made for spectacular views.

Driving with hazard lights on in foggy weather is now punishable by a fine of Dh500 and four black points.

On the topic of staying safe on the road, Ian Cox, an advanced driving instructor, told The National: "Fog lights: if you've got them, use them ... You only need them if you can't see anything behind you, to give people an extra warning," adding "Only drive to the speed that you can see in front."


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