Man who threatened speeding bus drivers with toy gun ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment

Accused used daughter's toy gun to scare drivers into keeping to the speed limit, court hears

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A man who "terrified" bus drivers by threatening them with his daughter's toy gun to stop them speeding has been ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The Indian accused, 35, stopped in front of a bus before approaching the driver and warning him he would "kill him" if he saw him speeding again.

The man was arrested in the car park at Global Village, Dubai, on March 2 after complaints were made about his behaviour to police by three bus drivers.

The offender said he meant no harm and only brandished the plastic weapon to warn the drivers about the dangers of speeding.

One of the victims told prosecutors that he was waiting for passengers when the accused knocked on the bus’s window.

“He knocked and when I looked at him, he asked me where I worked and I answered,” said the Bangladeshi bus driver, 33.

"Then suddenly, he lifted up his jacket and showed me a gun saying that he would kill me if he ever saw me speeding again."
An Indian bus driver said the accused stood in front of his bus, forcing him to stop, before walking towards the window.

“He accused me of trying to run him over and said he would kill me if he saw me driving over the speed limit,” said the 43-year-old driver.

“The men were terrified and said someone threatened them with a gun,” said a police officer, 51.

“I called the operations room at once, then asked the men to direct me to his location.”

When the men pointed out the accused, the police officer said he followed him to his car before asking him if he had made threats with a gun.

The accused said he did approach three drivers carrying a gun, but said it was plastic and belonged to his daughter.

“The men drive public transport buses and I saw them speeding, which poses a danger to many lives,”  said the accused.

So I used my little daughter’s toy gun to scare them against speeding.”

“It's a toy gun, your honour. I meant no harm,” said the accused in court.

When he appeared at Dubai Criminal Court last May, the man denied three counts of issuing threats.

The court, however, decided against issuing a guilty or not guilty verdict, instead referring the man for treatment at a psychiatry and therapy centre.