Man who raped friend's girlfriend has sentence more than tripled

The man's prison sentence was increased from three years in jail to 10

A man who kidnapped and raped his friend’s girlfriend after threatening to kill her has had his three-year prison sentence more than tripled.

On December 13, 2016, the victim – a 40-year-old Emirati woman – visited the home of the unemployed defendant with her boyfriend.

The woman said that when they met the 36-year-old defendant, who has a Comoros Islands passport, he forced her into his car and drove away. It is unclear where her boyfriend was at the time.

She said the man beat her, stripped her naked and raped her.

"Then he took me to Al Mamzar and called his friends to bring him some alcohol," the woman said.
"He wanted me to drink with him but I refused and begged him to let me go home."
She said he drove her back to her car at about 7am on December 14.
"I returned home, told my family and we called the police," she said.
Traces of DNA found on the woman's body matched that of the defendant.
In court last May, the man denied charges of kidnap, rape and issuing death threats.

"I didn't kidnap her and I didn't rape her. She was with my friend and came with him willingly," he said.
Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to three years in prison but Dubai Court of Appeal increased the sentence to 10 years in prison.
He will be deported after serving his term.