Man threatened to behead girlfriend who wanted to break up

Indian sent threatening message that also claimed that he was in the mafia to Belarussian woman after she refused him entry into her apartment.

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DUBAI // An Indian man threatened to kill a woman by cutting off her head if she broke up with him, saying she knew he was from the mafia.

The man, 41, sent his Belarussian girlfriend, 29, a message that read: “I will kill you and kill everyone.

“I will be happy to go to jail for that and if you want to save your life you better call me, and you know that I am from the mafia so don’t think that I can’t reach you and kill you, as well as your friend. I can cut off your head before I let you marry another.”

In Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday morning, the Indian said: “I was wrong to do that.”

The woman said she had met the man three years ago but this year he changed after he started drinking.

“I ended our relationship but on July 14 this year he tried to force open my apartment door in Al Barsha,” she said.

When she refused to open the door he started ringing her then sent her the threatening message.

The man confessed to issuing threats and awaits a verdict scheduled for November 11.