Man stabs roommate after drunken fight, Dubai court hears

A medical report showed the victim need multiple surgeries

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A man stabbed his roommate after they had a drunken fight that led to the victim needing several life-saving surgeries, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On October 19, police were called to labour accommodation in Al Muhaisnah 2 after a supervisor at the camp reported the stabbing.

The Nigerian supervisor, 36, said he was having dinner in his room when he heard screams outside.

"I went outside to inspect and heard the men screaming that someone was stabbed," he said. The supervisor ran to the victim's room, saw him bleeding and called police.
A third roommate, a 38-year-old Indian, said that earlier in the evening the defendant and victim returned to the room drunk and continued drinking in their room.

“They started listening to music, then suddenly they argued and fought after which the defendant picked up the kitchen knife and stabbed the victim before fleeing,” said the witness.

A policeman, 27, said: "We arrived to a crowd of workers who took us to the room where the victim was bleeding heavily. I could see his intestines out but he was alive."
He said paramedics rushed the victim, whose nationality and age were not disclosed in court records, to Rashid Hospital.
Police found the Indian defendant, 29, hiding in a sandy area close to the accommodation. He allegedly admitted stabbing his roommate and told police officers that he tossed the knife while running away.
"We looked for the knife but couldn't find it," the policeman said.
In court on Monday, the defendant denied an attempted murder charge and said the assault was mutual.

"We were both drunk and both assaulted each other but I had no intention of ending his life," the accused told the court.
A medical report showed that the victim underwent multiple surgeries to save his life after his intestines and bladder were severed in the attack.
A verdict will be issued on March 29.