Man sentenced by Dubai court to six months in jail for raping colleague’s brother

A forensics report confirmed DNA taken off the victim’s body matched the defendant's.

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DUBAI // A man who raped a colleague’s brother and threatened to post a video of the attack online has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted Pakistani M M, 28, with sexual assault but acquitted him of a charge of issuing threats to his victim. Prosecutors said that two unidentified men aided M M in the attack.

Records show that the defendant met his victim, a 26-year-old Pakistani, when he came to visit his brother at the Dubai Municipality accommodation.

“M M gave me his mobile number and we became friends, he then told me he knows people at the municipality who can help me get employed there,” said the victim.

The 26-year-old gave Dh2,000 to the accused, who said the money was a fee for getting him a job as a driver for a municipality official.

M M then stopped taking the man’s calls and left for Pakistan without fulfilling his promise.

“I met him at the labour camp in February this year after he came from Pakistan and I asked him to give me back my money or find me the job,” said the victim in records.

He said that M M asked him for more time to find him a job and that he would call him.

On February 12, M M called his victim, who was at his Sharjah flat, and asked him to meet in a car park in Al Muhaisnah.

“It was dark, and when he came he told me that he won’t give me back my money. We fought, and I fell to the ground, then two men came and restrained me,” said the victim.

He said that one man restrained him while the other filmed him being raped by M M, who threatened to post the video online if his victim ever asked for his money back, then left.

The victim called police immediately and M M was arrested at his accommodation.

“He confessed to raping him when we interrogated him,” said policeman S M, 38.

A forensics report confirmed DNA taken off the victim’s body matched M M’s.

The defendant will be deported after completing his jail term.