Man molested British woman and chased her into a taxi, Dubai court hears

A woman has accused a family friend of molesting her while she was picking up official documents from him for her family.

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DUBAI // A man molested a family friend and chased her down the street after inviting her for lunch, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

The British woman met K B, 42, in Bani Yas on August 14 to pick up some official documents for her family.

“He was an old man and looked very kind,” said the woman, 21.

The Iranian defendant then invited her to his place for dinner and a juice, it was alleged.

“I refused at first but he insisted I accompanied him and said his place was less than 10 minutes away.”

While there, the defendant asked her to be comfortable and take off her clothes.

“I didn’t understand him and I walked towards the door to leave but he asked why I was in a hurry. Suddenly he pulled me and forced me to sit next to him then tried to kiss me,” she said.

She managed to pull her arm back and get to the door. “I got out and tried to fix my shoes when he suddenly appeared and touched me from behind.”

She pushed him away and ran towards the lift but he chased her all the way to the street until she managed to take a taxi.

The woman reported the man and he was arrested the following day.

K B denied sexual assault and a verdict is expected on January 19.