Man dies after attack over pictures taken in Dubai restaurant

Maj Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, the deputy chief of Dubai Police for criminal investigation, says a Gulf national has been arrested after killing an Asian man in a restaurant.

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DUBAI // An Arabian Gulf national has been arrested following the death of an Indian man, in his thirties, in a restaurant this week, police said.

Maj Gen Khalil Al Mansouri, Deputy Chief Commander for Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police, said the Gulf national was with his fiancée in a hotel restaurant where the victim and his friends, at a nearby table, were taking photos.

The Gulf national did not want his fiancee in photos and requested staff ask the group to stop taking pictures, Gen Al Mansouri said. The victim refused so the Gulf national went to his table and asked him to stop. An argument broke out and the Gulf national struck him twice on the head. The man died at Rashid Hospital the following afternoon due to internal bleeding. As part of the investigation an autopsy will be carried out.

The Gulf national was taken into custody.