Johns Hopkins Hospital opens Sheikh Zayed Tower

The 355-room tower has been opened with money gifted from the President, Sheikh Khalifa.

One of the United States' most prestigious hospitals has opened the 355-room Sheikh Zayed Tower with money gifted from the President, Sheikh Khalifa.

The opening ceremony at the Maryland-based Johns Hopkins Hospital was attended by the President's adviser, Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa, and the ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba.

"Sheikh Zayed saw in Hopkins not only passion for excellence and innovation, but a shared commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of disease," said Dr Sheikh Sultan.

Johns Hopkins has treated thousands of Emiratis in the US and has also been involved in the running of three of Abu Dhabi's major hospitals - Corniche , Al Rahba and Tawam.

"This new tower recognises the strong, long-established and ongoing partnership between the UAE and Johns Hopkins - a collaboration that spans several decades and one that has led to advancement in healthcare delivery in the UAE, the US and for people around the world," said Mr Al Otaiba.

The Sheikh Zayed Tower houses 224 acute care rooms, 96 intensive care rooms and 35 obstetric rooms.

The facility includes advanced neurological and neurosurgical services, transplant surgery, trauma care, orthopaedics and general surgery, as well as labour and delivery.

Published: April 17, 2012 04:00 AM