Inmate has six months added to jail term after she assaulted a prison guard

The woman was convicted of physical assault, issuing insults and committing an act of public indecency

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An inmate who assaulted a prison guard before stripping naked in the prison yard will spend six more months in jail.

Dubai Criminal Court convicted the Emirati inmate of physical assault, issuing insults and committing an act of public indecency. She admitted to charges in court last month.

On December 26 last year, the inmate was dancing in the prison yard when she saw the guard talking to her colleagues and pointing at her from behind the glass.
"She came towards me and ordered that I return to my cell. I told her I had a pass from the officer in-charge to be out in the yard and celebrate with other inmates," said the 23-year-old defendant.
The convict told prosecutors that the female guard insulted her.

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"She told me I was ugly and disgusting, so I could not hold myself, I insulted her, pulled her by the hair then threw her to the ground and started kicking her," the inmate said.
A policewoman said the inmate was dancing dressed in a bra and a cloth wrapped around her waist which prompted the guard to order her to return to her cell and cover up.
"She was standing on a chair dancing when my colleague pointed at her from behind the glass to step down, then she walked to her and asked her to return to her cell," said the 28-year-old policewoman.
She said the inmate insulted the guard then attacked her from behind by pulling her hair and biting her arm. "She then threw her down and started kicking, my colleagues and I as well as a number of inmates pulled her away from the guard," said the officer.
The inmate then stripped naked in protest before being taken inside.
"When the guard pointed at the defendant to step down, the defendant flagged her middle finger at her," said a Moroccan fellow inmate, 28.
A medical report showed that the prison guard had bite marks on her arm and bruises on the legs and arms.
The inmate was sentenced to six months in jail this Tuesday morning. Court records did not disclose why the woman was initially imprisoned.