'Injustice: Gods Among Us' video game not available in UAE

The game's title and use of scantly clad characters are believed to be behind the decision, according to videogames website IGN Middle East.

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DUBAI // A video game featuring popular superheroes will not be sold in the UAE.

Injustice: Gods Among Us was due to launch this month but retailers have confirmed it will not be stocked here after advice from authorities.

The title and scantily clad characters of the game, also known as Injustice: The Mighty Among Us in the UAE, are believed to be behind the decision, said the video-games website IGN Middle East.

“We aren’t going to be selling the game,” said a staff member at Geekay in the Mall of the Emirates. “We aren’t sure but we believe there is an issue with the game regarding the Government, so we aren’t selling it. We think it might be banned.”

The game is based on the DC comics universe with players controlling characters including Superman and Batman in one-on-one combat.

“We don’t have the game in stock and it doesn’t look like we will,” said a member of staff at the Virgin Megastore in the same mall.

“We have had a lot of people calling us asking when the game will be released but we are telling them that we don’t have it in stock. We think it may be banned but we haven’t had any confirmation.”

The game proved a hit on its Dubai debut at the Middle East Comic Con last month, with queues of people lining up to play.

It launched on April 16 in the US and April 19 across Europe.

No comment was available from the game's publisher, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.