Indian authorities find 500g of gold inside Dubai passenger

A gold chain was also found in a passenger's underwear

Customs officials found almost 500 grams of gold inside a passenger who travelled from Dubai to Kozhikode. Commissionerate of Customs in Cochin
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Indian customs officials arrested a passenger who travelled from Dubai, after they found almost about 500 grams of gold in his body.

The man arrived at Kozhikode International Airport on an Air India Express IXI1346 flight.

Customs officers screened the man and found he had concealed the gold in four capsules and inserted them in his body.

The total weight of the gold was 481 grams, officials tweeted on Wednesday.

Earlier, authorities stopped another passenger, who flew to the same airport from Dubai, attempting to smuggle a gold chain in his underwear to avoid declaring the jewellery.

The 24-karat gold chain weighed nearly 200g and officers estimated it was worth about 886,000 Indian rupees ($12,000).

Officials caught the passenger after he arrived on board an Air India Express IX1346 flight.

Gold smuggling is a major problem for India.

The goods and services tax on gold in the country is 18 per cent, making smuggling the precious metal into the country profitable for illegal networks.

Authorities in the UAE and India launched investigations into gold smuggling in July after customs officials in India thwarted an attempt to smuggle Dh7 million worth of gold from the UAE to Kerala.

Officers discovered 30 kilograms of gold hidden in aluminium cylindrical locks and placed in a package labelled "foodstuff", alongside a pair of shoes and speakers.

In recent weeks, police uncovered gangs and caught passengers trying to bring gold into the country.

Last week, 500g of gold was seized from a passenger at Delhi airport.

The man travelled from Dubai with the gold, which had been moulded into the shape of a mobile phone battery, hidden in his device.

Officers at the airport detained the passenger who arrived on a Vistara flight.