India to build Expo 2020 pavilion with nature as its heart

Commerce minister Piyush Goya said the structure will showcase the country's past, present and future

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India's nature and wildlife will feature at the heart of its Expo 2020 pavilion, a senior minister said as he unveiled plans for the structure.

The large four-storey building will also display a towering image of non-violence leader Mahatma Gandhi and the word 'India' written in Arabic, English and Hindi.

Piyush Goyal, Indian federal minister for commerce, industry and railways, unveiled the designs at a function in Dubai on Saturday.

Addressing businessmen and the Indian community, he spoke of the time being ripe for India to engage with the world.

The interlaced mesh facade seeks to represent the country’s connection to nature and there are plans for the the construction to incorporate environmentally friendly technology.

The project will include a two-storey plaza on a large one-acre plot and is among the permanent structures that will remain in the Dubai South area after the six-month world fair ends in April 2021.

Located in the Opportunity district, the pavilion will display the strength of emerging firms and showcase start-ups in technology, artificial intelligence, infrastructure, solar power and green energy, officials said.

The exhibition will also feature displays relating to Mahatma Gandhi to commemorate the 150th birth celebrations of the Indian independence leader.

About 30 varied areas of growth and development will be highlighted within the pavilion, including the government’s plans to boost manufacturing with its ‘Make in India’ campaign.

Mr Goyal began a two-day visit to the UAE on Saturday and is due to later meet Sheikh Hamad bin Zayed, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and member of the Executive Council.

They will chair a meeting of the India-UAE high level task force that will discuss priority sectors to channel investments.

The high-level task force was established in 2012 and the meetings this week will focus on how to increase cooperation.

Mr Goyal will seek foreign direct investment from the UAE into India in eight sectors, including petroleum and natural gas, food processing, civil aviation, railways, renewable energy, infrastructure, shipping and construction, according to a statement from the ministry.