UAE Friday sermon: be good to show love for God and He will love you in return

Mosque-goers will be advised how best to earn the love of God

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Be punctual with prayers, give to charity and treat people well to show love for God and he will love you in return, the sermon will tell mosque-goers on Friday.

Prophet Mohammed would tell his companions to have profound love in their hearts for God and strive to draw closer to Him by doing good deeds.

"Say, [Oh Mohammed], 'If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you." (Al Imran: 31).

When the Prophet’s companions asked him which deeds were most loved by Allah, he said “To offer prayers at their early (very first) stated times."

The sermon will urge worshippers to strictly maintain their prayers as the Quran says: “maintain with care the [obligatory] prayers and [in particular] the middle prayer and stand before Allah, devoutly obedient."  (Al-Baqara: 238).

Muslims can draw themselves closer to God by observing all kinds of Nawafil - acts of worship beyond duty - including performing extra prayers and charity.

Whoever observes such acts of obedience and hastens to perform acts of goodness will earn the love of Allah and His satisfaction. As a result, God will continue blessing them.

It was reported that Aisha, wife of Prophet Mohammed, said, "The Prophet was asked, 'Which deed is most beloved to Allah?' He said, 'The most regular and constant deed even if it were little'."

In this Hadith, there is an indication that moderation based upon persistence is loved by God and the Prophet.

People should be kind to others, give to those who are deprived, pardon those who wrong them, repel evil with a deed which is better, and be patient. While so doing, one should show persistence and seek the satisfaction of God, "and Allah loves the steadfast." (Al Imran: 146).

Acknowledging and thanking God for his bounties also pleases Him, the Quran says, "and whatever you have of favour - it is from Allah." (An-Nahl: 53). This acknowledgement will be returned with earnest love from God.

Another action loved by Allah is when worshippers put their faith in Him. Those who do their best, take the necessary means and rely upon their Lord, knowing that His arrangement is better than theirs, will be assured, the sermon will say.

It is a great success to win the love of Allah, mosque-goers will be told. Muslims are therefore urged to strive to do all that is beloved to Allah, whether in acts of worship, dealings with people or manners. And raise children with good ethics to guide them on the path to earn God’s love.