Friday sermon: how to keep a peaceful and comforting home

Worshippers will be advised to perform some acts of worship at home and maintain a pious atmosphere for children to be raised in

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Homes are places where Muslims can find comfort, compassion and peace, the sermon will say on Friday.

In the Quran, a home is described as a place where parents and children live that serves as a place of shelter and is a sanctuary of stability and happiness.

This tranquillity can be achieved by invoking the remembrance of Allah when entering a home. This aims to protect the home and all who live in it from Satan’s wicked whispers and malicious promptings.

“When a man enters his house and mentions Allah’s Name on entering and on his food, the devil says [to other devils] ‘You have no place to spend the night and no evening meal,’” Prophet Mohammed said.

When a Muslim frequently remembers Allah and reads or listens to the Quran, Allah will fill their house with life and vitality, ensuring its inhabitants live a good life.

Muslims are also advised to perform some of their acts of worship at home, as the Prophet did.

"Oh People! Perform your (voluntary) ritual prayers in your homes because the best ritual prayer of a man is the one he performs at home, except the obligatory ritual prayers," he said.

By doing this, a Muslim’s house bears witness to the same righteous and pious acts that are typically carried out in a mosque. Angels will descend upon the home in scores and to reward and bless the family, the sermon will say.

When a Muslim enters their home, they should greet its inhabitants with Salam (peace), as was ordered by Allah. It is a source of blessings for a home and great rewards are promised to those who do this.

Upholding and maintaining an atmosphere of iman (belief and faith) in their home will have a positive effect on the upbringing of any children, instilling in them noble values and morals.

This will be manifested in gatherings marked by love and affection between family members. Consequently, the home becomes a point of departure for every beautiful trait and every noble and good practice. These include standing together solidarity and showing understanding for one another and taking care of one another.