Expo 2020 Dubai: flocks of migratory bird models flutter on Poland Pavilion, promising Instagram moments

Wood-panelled structure will be complete in July with nature, mobility and hospitality its core themes

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Tens of thousands of migratory birds that fly every year from Poland to the UAE and across the Arab world will be represented in an eye-catching installation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

White metal stylised birds that sway with the movement of the wind will veil a wood-covered pavilion that resembles a tree.

This symbolises the flight of huge flocks that migrate to the Emirates in search of warmer temperatures.

Workers are attaching the links connecting the metal birds across the interior and exterior of the Poland Pavilion. The migrating birds installation is intended to convey a message of co-existence between people and nature, officials said.

The sculpture of the birds is being mounted and will be one of the those Instagram points of your visit to the Expo

Adrian Malinowski, commissioner general of the Poland Pavilion, said millions of Instagram fans would be impressed by the visual depiction and its significance – and would be keen to post images and videos online.

“This will be a one-of-a-kind experience when you visit a tree-like building that gives you a proper feeling of motion.

"The sculpture of the birds will be one of the those Instagram points of your visit to the Expo," Mr Malinowski said in an interview with The National.

“They will move even when there is a very light wind. When it comes to thousands of migrating birds, the sculpture really resembles what connects Poland to the Arab region and the UAE itself.”

The Polish pavilion at the EXPO 2021 site nears completion. The pavilion has metal birds on the outside and inside that are partially installed along with a special wood panelled interior and exterior on May 2nd, 2021. 
Antonie Robertson / The National.
Reporter: Ramola Talwar for National
Workers assemble a migratory birds installation on the Poland Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai site. Antonie Robertson / The National

The pavilion is narrow at the base and expands across two higher floors to represent the spreading crown of a tree.

Poland is known as a birdwatcher's paradise, where hundreds of species nest in its meadows, wetlands and fields.

“Our motto is creativity inspired by nature,” Mr Malinowski said.

"Poland is a breeding ground for migrating birds during the summer. They nurture their chicks and then fly off in late autumn and early winter to Africa,  Asia  and the Arabian Peninsula for the warmer conditions. Then the cycle repeats itself.

"So the birds are perceived as Polish but Arabic as well. This really fits into the Expo theme of mobility.”

The Poland Pavilion will also highlight the country's satellite industry and research in space technology.

The first two storeys will be open to Expo visitors, while companies will be given space on the third level to interact in conference rooms to explore future co-operation.

It will also feature a Polish table exhibit made from aluminum alloys used in the space industry for ground equipment and spacecraft.

“This experience will be an introduction to Polish culture, hospitality and friendliness," Mr Malinowski said.

"This is something we are proud of because we love our guests and will do everything to make them feel at home.

“Hospitality is in our culture, it is derived from our tradition and history. We will use the Polish table to show our creativity with the use of modern materials and raw natural resources.”

When the Expo announced a one-year delay in the opening to October 2021, Polish planners modified exhibits, making them interactive with large-scale multimedia projections and removed touchscreen elements because of Covid-19 concerns.

"It will be immersive but for safety reasons we have discarded 99 per cent of touch screens," Mr Malinowski said.

“We have introduced audio sensors. Visitors will be guided with light patterns. In every zone we will try to keep the interest of viewers but with safe solutions.”

Sensors will be in place to measure hot spots and hosts will guide visitors to less populated sections.

The overall message is that despite the social distancing dictated by the coronavirus pandemic, harmony is vital.

“The world is not the same any more. But we need to be closer than ever before, even though it's not possible in the physical manner.

"We will try to address those issues as we strengthen relations," Mr Malinowski said.

About 70 university students are being recruited in Poland to serve as hosts and walk guests through the pavilion. The first group will arrive in the UAE in September for three months.

Mr Malinowski, who has been travelling frequently to Dubai to supervise work on the Poland Pavilion, will move to the city in August with his wife and two young children. They will make the UAE their home for a year.

"The whole family is thrilled to be coming to Dubai. We are currently in the process of trying to find schools for our children," he said.

“It will be a huge adventure for the whole family. This will help us prepare for the Expo and is our commitment to making this a success.”

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